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H/W Product A-VDGS AIDA-1
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A-VDGS system with 3D Laser Scanner

●Aircraft Contour Template and Data Profile – Double Check System

●Wired (or Wireless) Manual Control – Flexible Guidance System

H/W Product Paper Strip Printer : SP-7200A
Attached File: SP-7200A_Strip_Printer_User_Mannual_(B).pdf
- Stript Printer for Special Purpose in the Field of Civil Aviation and Maritime Control
- Heat Transfer Type
- Foreign products can be replaced by this low price product.

Flight Paper Strip Printer

Anse Technologies Co. boasts of a vast product line and a wide array of accessories and devices, valuable in making the flight a secure and successful event. One of such products is the Flight Paper Strip Printer which is specially designed for the for the air traffic control environment. The printer is lightweight and uses direct thermal technology, to manoeuvre in most energy efficient environment. The printer recognizes commands via a serial or parallel interface. Post which the strip is printed cut and ejected into a hopper all without manual intervention. With added features and characters Anse Technologies Co. desires to give printing experience an extra edge.

Anse Technologies Co. has an enthusiastic team of researchers, developers and other functional areas that guarantees a high level of dedication towards customer product development and product value. As a leading manufacture in Korea for high quality Flight Paper Strip Printer we dedicate extra focus on designing, application of most modern knowledge, use of latest manufacturing technologies and resultant excellence of the final product. The deep rooted conviction on research has added a cutting dimension to the development environment. No wonder the company holds the torch in engineering products manufacturing, and is best known for its premium products.

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