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Marine Vessel Tracking System is similar to the aircraft tacking system with analogous objectives in mind. The tracking system is meant to monitor the vessel movements and assist it to safety with accurate navigation. With the implementation of this system the rate of accidents has reduced considerably globally and success rate of recovery of wreckage has moved northwards. A Maritime Traffic Monitoring set-up engages direction finding, radar, closed-circuit television (CCTV), VHF radiotelephony, automatic identification system and other co-operative systems and services for communication and information related navigational assistance.

Anse Technologies Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer in Korea for high precision maritime traffic monitoring & marine vessel tracking systems, has taken into its ambit the responsibility towards safe and efficient navigation, safety of marine life and protection of marine environment. The outcome is safe, efficient, and easy to use, with human factor engineered Marine VTS devices. The company뭩 MTVS products are designed to integrate all the received information in a single window operator working environment to:

    1.ease the usage
    2.effective traffic organization
    3.convenient flow of information and communication

The prestigious clientele of Anse Technologies Co., Ltd from across the globe is a testimonial in itself on the eminence of its advanced products, and its hassle free services and procedures.
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